Wedding Photography Mastery by Trey Cockrum

Everything you need, in one place. Make a great business for yourself, and sustain an incredible life with it.


By booking one wedding using the tactics I include in this course, you will instantly pay off the money you've spent in this course. It's an investment, and an incredibly smart one as long as you act on the tactics I share!


Will include:

- GoPro footage from actual weddings, so you can watch how I work in different situations, and learn how to work like I do.

- The gear I use, and the settings I use in different situations.

- I'll show you from total scratch how to make a portfolio website on Squarespace

- The contracts I use, and free downloads to use them for your business

- In high school? I started this business in high school, and am still only 17. I want to show you that you're not limited by your age, and that you can do this too. I'll show you how.

- How I partner with wedding venues to ensure business

- Facebook and Instagram marketing / How I use social media to leverage my business

- The SeekTheLight presets, completely free. $65 dollar value.

- Audio from an actual meeting with a client, signing a contract over coffee

- Interviews with talented photographers, talking about how they've grown their businesses from the ground up

- All the online resources I used to grow my business, youtube channels, blogs, etc.

- And an entire section dedicated to the strategies I use to over-deliver as a wedding photographer. Everything I do to wow my clients, and guarantee their future referral.

I guarantee it will triple your business within a year of having watched, listened, and taken notes on this course. This is exactly what I wish I had when I first started digging into wedding photography, and I can't wait to see the impact it will make on so many budding photographers. 

Best part: As the course is updated, and I change/add things to it, you'll get all the updates for completely free. The price is likely to rise over the few months after it's released, if you get in early, you'll have it as a permanent resource for a lifetime.

Can't wait.

- Trey Cockrum