We're happy to finally release our mini preset pack!

Within the pack - One colored preset, one Black and white preset, grain adjustment and lens correction presets.

Soft colors, with a hint of dramatic contrast, mixed with a dose of smooth skin tones. These presets are made to change your photography.

All photos shown are one-click edits. No adjustments applied after the preset is placed on top.

 - ABOUT -


This is the official preset pack for the SeekTheLight photography community, on Facebook and Instagram.


We've spent a long time getting these right, and firmly believe in them.

One colored preset, one black and white. Perfect for everything.

We are incredibly confident you'll love these presets, and that they'll impact your photography in a greatly positive way.

Pick them up!

STL Mini preset pack
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The download includes a text file which explains how to install the presets, if you're new to it!

As well, it includes an introductory video, as there are wrong ways to use these presets! Please do watch it!

Thanks everyone, can't wait for you to try these out!