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SeekTheLight is an online community for photographers, designed to provide beginner and experienced photographers with a place to grow and develop their passion and talents as a photographer, make new friends, gain advice from talented photographers that are a few years ahead of them, and ultimately become better in their craft. We are currently in the process of partnering with big names in the photography industry to provide courses for our photographers to purchase in order to learn more about their craft, and provide the names we parter with with a new way to monetize themselves.

Currently, we sell Lightroom presets, designed to give photographers a unique, film-like, professional and stylized look on their photos. It's a brand our community has come to know and love, and has provided us with the funds to expand to hire great talent to manage our Instagram, website, Facebook page, and blog.

This is my primary business, besides wedding photography. If you hire me for your wedding, know your wedding will be seen by this community! Haha!


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