I now host a set of presets made for the SeekTheLight community, which are (in my opinion) far better than these. They're a cheaper pack, as well, and give a far more moody and dreamy look.

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These presets are still wonderful for anyone interested.


TWJC Lightroom Presets


NOTE: These presets are designed to function and work with lightroom. They will not work with any other software.

(Edited w/ TWJC // 11)

(TWJC // 03) (Submitted By Rachel Greenway)

(Edited w/ TWJC // 01) (@zayne_w)

(Edited w/ TWJC // B&W// 04)

Submitted by Zanye Williams. (@zayne_w)

 - ABOUT -

TWJC (Trey William James Cockrum) Presets are designed for almost any form of photography. From portraiture, to weddings, to landscapes, and some.

With muted, moody, yet seemingly contrasted and vibrant tones, they'll give you a look, and a brand unlike any other, to help you stand out in a crowd of photographers.

Designed for photographers who specialize in emotion

One click edit, using TWJC // B&W // 08

15 Colored presets - 8 Black & White presets. All hand-made.

I am very confident in these presets, and that you'll love them. I spent hours on end finding a look I love, and I believe I have stumbled across it. I want to share that with anyone interested, and I would love to help any and all photographic creatives have a stronger portfolio, greater images, and a better presence as a photographer. 


  • I love these TWJC presets! They help take flat, RAW photos, and transform them into deep, intimate scenes.  Whether you use them as a great starting point for your own creative edits, or just plug them in and go, these presets will create unique and timeless images. I've been searching for an editing technique that fits my shooting style, and I believe I found just the thing. Thanks, Trey! - Rachel Greenway 
  • These are the first presets I have ever tried and they did NOT disappoint! They really give my work a completely different look and feel - a look and feel that really represents my style of photography a lot better! I'm so glad I decided to give these a shot! - Alison Carroll
  • I swear to you guys, no one asked me to use Treys presets. Or to advertise them the way I do. They are honestly just a prefect foundation for what I like to create. - Adam Mooney


Prices start at $45

Which, compared to presets of a similar quality on the market, in my opinion, is a steal. 

I debated pricing these much higher. But settled on this price point.

Pick up your copy here!


At checkout, you will be prompted to sign up for an email list. I highly recommend you join, as the presets get changed and updated quite often, and that's my main way of delivering the updates to you all. 

The download includes a text file which explains how to install the presets, if you're new to it! :D

Let me know what you think! If you have any questions, concerns, comments, ideas, etc. Contact me!