Who I am

So, my photography stuff has been gaining traction a bit recently.

My Instagram following has doubled in the past three and a half weeks, I have been getting more and more emails in my inbox, and I am starting to build a decent brand. 

Credit to God, firstly.

But, secondly..

As my following grows, so does the need to truly introduce myself. I want to make sure people know who I am, and who they're reaching out to. I don't want to be a face and a name, I want to inspire people to move, to be more, and to follow their callings.

My name is Trey Cockrum, I am in love with this life, and the fruit it provides on a daily basis. Through my struggles, all my ups and downs, I have had a wonderful time just being alive. Ultimately, my goal on this earth is to show others the beauty of our heavenly father, and the raw, real positive impact He can have in your life if you just give him a tiny piece of it.

To die knowing I did something great is all I need.

I firmly stand on the ground I reside upon. If I am somewhere, my goal is to fully be there. Everyday doors are opened for you to create something great, whether it be a new friend, a couple bucks, an experience, or even a legacy.

"If you are somewhere, be there." is one of my primary ideals in this life. I want to take in and put out as much as I can every day. Whether it be the little things like wonderful lighting in my bedroom at the right time of day, or the big things like someone I love pouring their heart out to me.

I work to fear nothing. I work to be more. I work to inspire. But, do I fear nothing, am I becoming more, and do I inspire others? I sure hope so.

A day is a success to me if I did something great for someone else, or learned a valuable lesson. Why I am so grateful recently, is because my photos are being used to inspire others to do the same, and I am serving others with my talents.

This life in itself is a gift, nonetheless the great opportunities we are all provided through it.


A little backstory:

I was born and raised in Indiana, and as a kid I played a tonnn of video games. (I still play my fair share, though. Our family just got the playstation VR thing, and it's freaking legit).

Right now, I am 16 years old. I hope to one day not be sixteen years old, because it is the clearest glass ceiling I have ever experienced in my lifetime.

I have four siblings, My sister Aven who is 9 at the time of writing this, my brother Tye who is 13, my brother Zane who is 13, and my brother Chase who is 19.

My parents are Jim, and Andrea.

I have always had a knack for photography, but never really pursued it with much passion until about 2 years ago, when I purchased my first DSLR. From there, things went pretty much uphill. Not just in photography, but in my life.

Up until that point, the only thing I really had to call my own were my video games, my guitar, and the YouTube Gaming channel I used to run. (Don't judge me.)

Now, with this passion, I have created and am in the process of creating a life I can love to live, and be passionate about every morning I wake up.

The process from then to now is a novel in itself, but basically I realized how much more this life can be, as opportunities arose from nothing.


I believe that every human has layers upon layers of complex ideas and thoughts and emotion, whether they realize it or not, or whether others realize it or not. This post is more of a rant about what I am passionate about, more than anything else. I hope it gave you a good idea of who I work to be, and who I am! :)

Maybe I'll make another one like this soon, I feel like I could go further, but I have to leave for something and I really wanted to put this out there.

Thanks for reading :)

Tons of love to all who support my efforts, and follow me around the internet.

- Trey