First look w/ Hannah & Daniel

S/O to Hannah and Daniel for being wonderful to work with. I enjoyed the entire wedding, and plan on sharing more of your photos here on my blog asap.

But before I do that.. I really want to share with you all the footage I got of their first look together. I think it turned out incredible, and I'm so happy they gave me their permission to get to do this. I plan on eventually making a promo video of some sort using all the footage like this I get from tons of different weddings. 

But that's for later. Haha!

For now, here's the video I'm talking about. It puts you in my shoes, and I think it's valuable to photographers and non-photographers alike. It shows (on a very basic level) how I interact with my couples, and how I work under (a little bit) of pressure.

They chose a wonderful spot for their first look. It was a gorgeous tree in the middle of the woods that was cleared out. The whole venue was wonderful. It was on the site of a Christian camp called Little Galilee in Clinton, IL. Just a perfect place for a wedding.


Here are the photos I gave them. I totally love them.