Kelsey // Gavin - Engagement

Holy cow.

I had no idea an engagement session could ever a be such a wonderful experience.

I was so eager to meet this couple in person. Once I met them, I was eager to shoot for them. Once I shot for them, I was eager to edit and finalize my proofs. Once I did that, I was eager to deliver them their photos. Now that I've done that, I am eager to share this whole experience with the world.

What a lovely couple to get to document. I loved every second of it.

Colossians 3:14 "Over every virtue, put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity."


As the day rolled around, it looked like the whether wasn't going to permit us to shoot anything. It was storming pretty hard around noon, and the shoot was planned to begin after we were done with the contract signing/meeting, which was to start at 3.

Kelsey texted me around noon saying we should look for another date for the photos, and just stick to the meeting. I insisted that I still bring my gear, and that they still dress up, just in case either I figure something out, or the weather lets up.

I showed up at the coffee house we decided on an hour early, left my equipment with the owner who said he'd watch it for me, grabbed an umbrella and spend 45 minutes looking around for good spots to shoot.

I was wandering around pretty aimlessly, hoping to find SOMETHING to use for our shoot. Something indoors would be nice, I figured. I turned a corner at the end of an alley, and overheard the Lumineers' song "Ophelia" coming from what looked like an abandoned factory/office space.

(I love that band.)

Out of curiosity, I peaked my head in, and holy cow it was perfect. I thought if I manage to somehow within the next 10 minutes until the couple arrives at the coffee house I left four blocks back, track down the owner/manager, call/talk/text him or her, and get permission, I am totally gonna use this for our shoot.

I got pretty giddy at this point. I was in a rush to snag this place for this couple to use.

I looked for the nearest human to ask permission to use the space later for an engagement shoot, and the only person I could find was a construction worker who was knocking out a wall, it seemed.

I talked to him, and got the phone number of the owner of the place. Gave him a quick call and told him what's up, and he said he doesn't care what I do as long as I stay out of the way of the workers.

I had a moment of victory, thanked God for providing, as he always seems to, and sprinted back to the coffee house. On the way back, the weather began to completely change from the rain scene in the notebook, to a real life version of Andy's bedroom walls, from toy story.

After the meeting, the getting to know the couple better, and getting to see them in person and getting a feel for their dynamic, the contract signing, we went off to shoot their photos.

We went from spot to spot along the way to the old factory building and got some amazing stuff. The weather was letting us shoot outside, which was fantastic.

When we got to the building, it was being locked up, and the workers were leaving. I talked to the worker who I talked to previously and asked if we could have just 5 minutes. He shrugged and unlocked the door for us.

It was the coolest thing ever. When we were shooting in there, you could hear and feel the thunder outside shaking the building. If it weren't for the couple being so in love, I think this would have been a very moody, very dark shoot. Haha!

Here they are! These photos are some of my favorite engagement work to date. I can't wait to post these everywhere, and throw them up on the ol' portfolio.

To Kelsey and Gavin; you guys are adorable and I can't freaking wait for your wedding.