Making a place for yourself.

There are lots of misconceptions of life, pushed by popular media, and fads.

One of those misconceptions is that we all have a place on the earth. While, to some extent, I believe this to be true, I much further believe that the place isn't there until you make it. Until you carve it out.

A hypocrite to me, is one who struggles to find their purpose, and is also putting little work into doing so.

I believe that sometimes, God answers our prayers by giving us the strength to do it ourselves. 

My point is, life doesn't come with a free reason. It doesn't appear from nothing, so stop waiting for it to.

If you struggle with purpose, with meaning, then my best advice would be to create it. Devote yourself, find a way to make your life as much about what you feel made to do, whilst serving others doing it. 

That's a big part of what photography is for me. It's me, it's my drive, it's a gift from my creator, and I'm pursuing it like nothing else.

Quality of life is not measured in stuff, or in physical things. It is measured by your impact on others, whether that be positive or negative is what determines it's quality. I don't believe we have a place on this earth, I believe you make that place with your bare hands. I believe you place brick after brick, each brick made of something you can be proud of, until you've built a house for yourself, then you share that house with the people who need it most. The people you care about.

Photography is one of those bricks. My relationship with my family, my friends, music, and plenty of other things in my life are many of the other bricks.

I'm very far from having a complete house, but I'm closer now than I was a week ago, and that's what matters most to me.

People that aren't happy with their life are the kinds of people that believe that if they sit around long enough, they'll get lucky and life will turn around. Sure, maybe this is true. But can you imagine how much more "lucky" you would become if you put yourself in the way of that luck as often as you could, rather than sitting around and hoping for a bit of it to reach you?

So.. Yeah. I just kinda felt like writing about that.

I know blogs on photography websites are normally supposed to be about the pictures you've taken, but this is my website and my rules.