Goals for 2016.

Goals are vital to me. To know what you're working for is important. If you don't have any goals, and you don't know what you'll be working for in 2016, then I suggest you get some. Quickly.

I have more goals than this, but I don't want to get too personal.

  • Be more open about who I am. Stop hiding in a shell when I'm around others. I want to love others, and be a light. It's hard, but it's a goal of mine. I'm already far more open than I was this time last year, and I thank God for helping me reach the point I'm at. But I hope I can further open myself. -Romans 12:2- -1 Samuel 16:7-
  • Be less needing of approval from others. I want to be able to do what I love, what I know is right and what I know God needs and wants from me, without the fear of disapproval. I want to get to a point with myself where the only person I want to please is God. -Galatians 1:10-
  • Make photography an even bigger part of myself. I want to have my camera on me at all times, and come out of every day, or at least every week, with another picture from my life that I can appreciate. Photography is a way for me to glorify creation. It's beautiful, and I should practice it more often and treat it as an extension of my life. I'm getting there already, but I hope to be there by the end of the coming year.
  • Be less prideful. Make my life about others. Make my work about serving others, and bringing them something they love just as much as I do.

Those are just a handful. I hope you enjoyed this look into my brain haha!

Again, happy new year everyone! Enjoy your fresh start. Can't wait to see what is in store for 2016.

God bless.