Why I want to do this.

Everyone has a reason for doing what they're doing, whether it's selfish, selfless, accidental, etc. No one does something for absolutely no reason. No one has a passion for something for no reason. If you dig deep enough, there is always and will always be meaning behind a passion.

The reason I love photography is because I have always strived to show others the way I view the world. The beauty that we all miss, and whether it's cliche or not, I want to pause time sometimes. Sometimes moments, things, life is too beautiful for me to accept it as fleeting. Photography is, for me, almost a form of coping with the idea that I'll never live in this exact moment, ever again. It's a way of capturing my life, and the lives of others.

Photography has always intrigued me, I would see photographers and wish I could be in their position. I thought, "The things I could capture. The way I view the world, on paper. What a beautiful thing.". Though, I never believed I'd ever consider myself one. I never really accepted that it is something I'd like to pursue. 

And yet, now I'm here. Though publicly it has only taken about a year to get where I am, I believe it has taken far longer. It has always been in me to want to capture life, to create things. To be creative, and to impact others. Now, I can say I'm officially on a path that leads to where I want to be with photography. 

It's going to take work, and patience, but I want this to become a big, big part of my life. A part of myself that I can't set down. I'm getting there.

Point is, I do this because it's ingrained in me. It's ingrained in me because I can't accept the speed that life goes by. Daily, it seems to go quicker and quicker. Special moments are so fleeting, that it makes you question their value. I want to make sure that those moments, those emotions are always there for us to remember. 

 If this is what pays my bills when I'm older, then I want it to feel like my job is living my life. My job is being who I am. People will pay me to show up to their event, to come to their family, to be with them, and be myself. Capture them. I want photography to eventually become an extension of myself. 

I hope my passion never fades.