"Thank you" notes.

I always love getting personal notes from the people I work with. It's always touching. It shows that they appreciate what I'm doing, and it's always nice to be reminded that these pictures mean a lot to people. Sometimes I get lost in the technicalities of it all, and forget the value that what I'm doing has. I think every photographer struggles with this.

Photography is a very personal thing to me, and to be reminded that something I can do well, and do with joy, is something that brings others just as much joy is always incredible. Every session I've ever had is a huge win-win, basically. I love taking the pictures, getting a little money in return, and delivering photos that the family, senior, bride and groom, etc. Truly enjoy. Photos that capture what God has made them to be. And through this, I feel as if I'm honoring the family and honoring God's design.

Personal, hand-written notes are a dying art. I think I've gotten more of them doing this than I have in a long time. When someone goes out of their way to encourage like this, it's really amazing. It makes me want to write more notes to people haha! I think the world would be a better place if notes were given out more often. There's just something about them.

And on that note, I recently got a note from a lady I did a family portrait session for, and it includes quotes that she has heard from her friends and family about the quality of the photos. This is a good example of a good thank you haha! (Note: The other pictures are a few examples of the pictures we got during the session.)

Freshour Family Shoot


Ms Mandy, if you're reading this, I'm keeping the note! 

Can't wait to keep doing this, as long as I can.