Mini rant about photography gear.

There's no such thing as obtaining a skill overnight. It requires work, dedication, determination, and most of all, God given passion.

Every photographer I've ever met has admitted to me, if I ask, that their work starts off very, very slow, and that the learning curve is always there. It never leaves, and they're always improving.

I work and study to slowly inch my way towards becoming completely satisfied with my work. But I don't want to just stop there. I don't want to just be satisfied, because then I'll stop learning and improving. Who wants the services of a kid who is merely satisfied with the work he's producing? Would not you rather purchase the work of someone who is passionately improving, because this is what he feels designed to be? And wouldn't I be further fulfilled if what I'm doing, I can be proud of?

I'm working hard, studying hard, and fighting to keep my strongest utility my mind and heart. The camera will take the picture, where you stand, how you shoot it, why you shoot it, when you shoot it, the light you shoot it in, the settings you've set, the idea you have, the location you've chose, the interaction with the person or thing you're taking the picture of, the personal eye of the photographer, the understanding of important moments, and many, many other factors that need balancing, make the picture.

Say you give a robot, coded to shoot perfectly composed, well lit pictures, a camera worth thousands of dollars, and it rolls around doing as it's been coded. The pictures might look nice, but will be just as valuable as the pictures it will take on a thirty dollar gas station tourist level point and shoot.

The value of a picture comes from the moment it captures, the scenario, the emotion. Cameras don't capture emotion, they capture light. They don't have an eye, or a soul, or passion. You do, and we, as passionate journalists of life, need to use that.

The only excuse for buying more gear is if you are missing shots, or shots are being ruined because of it. Besides that, these days, your phone does everything you need.

Go out, have fun, don't worry about gear until you need to. Capture life.