Another amazing wedding.

I will always be honored to be a part of weddings, in any shape or form. To get to document the connection, and the raw emotion is a privilege. I feel the modern photographer has forgotten this. 

The holy bond between two souls is incredibly beautiful, and to get to document the beginning of one will always be an incredible honor, that mere words can not do justice. No matter how much money is involved, I feel a connection between me and the bride and groom. They've given me the chance to document the surreal beauty of the moments that take place at the start of their marriage. 

I must give credit to the talented, high spirited & Godly Shaun Frederickson ( for asking me to help shoot the occasion. I can't wait to work with him again, and if you ever meet him in person,  give him a firm handshake and buy him a coffee. 

God proves time and time again that he understands our lives to an extent that we will never be able to. Weddings, love, commitment on an eternal scale, acceptance of eachother's flaws, holy fellowship and all traits a married couple portrays are a reminder of that for me.

Can't wait to do this again.