Chris × Sydney - Engagement

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chris and sydney

This couple blew my mind. I loved working for and with them. They were adventurous, hilarious, easy to work with, and just KILLED the session. Though my goal is to work with anyone and everyone who comes my way with diligence and excellence, I hope I keep getting couples like this in the future.

It started with a referral from one of Sydneys friends that I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of, back in 2016. Sydney fell in love with my work. I was so happy to hear that they wanted to book me for what I love to do; Make real moments with my couples, make real stories, invoke real emotion, and show my couple's stories through my photos.

EVERY COUPLE IS DIFFERENT. I try not to pose, I try not to be too formal, I want the photos I take to be a mirror of who the couple actually is, and I think that worked out perfectly during this session.

It really is an art, getting a couple to open up in front of a camera. A lot of couples have a hard time with this, but my favorites are the ones that are fully willing to just love on one another in front of the camera. The photos turn out a million times better.

There was lots of laughter. 

In-between asking them to set aside their la croix so we could shoot, seeing Chris climb up on top of a suspended log 15 feet off the ground, and dodging bikers on the trails, this ended up being one of my favorite engagement shoots ever.


- trey



Lauren x Jarred

Absolutely loved this session.

I loved their chemistry, I loved the way they laughed at each other, I loved how much fun we had. They've got something great as a couple, and you can definitely, clearly, see that in these photos.

I absolutely love this job, I love shooting for people that are really in love, and just want someone to help capture that. How cool is it that I can call this what I do? What an awesome feeling, and such a major blessing. I can't wait for more sessions like this one, and more couples like this one. Totally in love with the photos we got.

- Here are some of my favorites from our session! -

Lauren & Jarred, you guys are the coolest. So excited to shoot more of you two, I loved working for you two. 


SoCal visit, Feb 2k17

I loved visiting the beautiful beaches of Laguna, and spending time along the coast taking in the beauty.

Besides weddings (my favorite), and portrait work, I love just taking photos of my surroundings. With no incentive other than to build a portfolio of solid images from the world around me, and gain more experience through the art that I claim to pursue.

I was there when they got the most rain that California has seen in ten years (supposedly?) which is pretty amazing.

The hills were lit up green and brown from the downpour, and the sky had displaced clouds giving brief peaks at a glowing blue sky.

Totally gnarly, dude.

- Here's my favorite shots from the trip -